Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meat Incoming . . .

Just got a call last night that we'll have an elk to cut up Wednesday sometime. Now of course my husband has pressing work priorities the following days so won't be able to help much if at all in the cutting/packing of the meat (this seems to happen a lot--I don't mind doing it myself, it just takes longer). Not sure if we'll start on it Wednesday evening or Thursday--depends on what time it actually gets to the house.

In preparation I'll need some ice and all 3 of our coolers plus clean out the fridge so I've got cold places to keep the meat.

Before I knew this elk was coming I thawed some jerky meat from deer and elk that have been in the freezer plenty long so I need to get that out of the fridge and jerkied and still have apples to applesauce and dry plus we're bottling butter tomorrow morning, and I need to get up to town to get a few supplies for the meat packing and some more fruit fresh for the dried apples (not sure if I have more in the food room--sometimes things get buried in there) so I guess I'll be busy the next couple of days. I'm not usually this crazy--things just happen to all come together like magic sometimes!

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