Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet Meat Squash

Had some friends that grew what they called "sweet meat squash" and gave us one. It's a winter squash that's about 15-18 inches across and shaped like a flattened pumpkin. Kind of gray on the outside and really hard and orange on the inside. It has a very nice sweet flavor. They dropped it and it broke on the way to our door, so we needed to take care of it relatively quickly. I cut it in pieces (using a big knife and a hammer!) and baked it, then froze most of it and had some with dinner last night. I'm saving some seeds to plant next spring so I can grow my own. I pulled them out, washed them, and laid them on a plate on the counter to dry (we live in a very dry climate--this may not work in a humid environment). Takes about 2 days for them to dry this way--stir them around every so often so all the sides of the seeds get air to them. Looking forward to gardening season!

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Anna said...

A blue-grey winter squash sounds like a Hubbard squash. That is a nice squash to grow. I'm growing a variety called baby hubbards this year.