Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finished the Elk and Other Stuff

I know you all are laughing, but it seriously took me until the 27th to be totally finished with that crazy elk! We kept it cold in a cooler outside (well, mostly frozen actually) for a while, then moved a leg or sack of meat in at a time and worked on it. It usually doesn't take that long, but with Christmas stuff going on as well it just drug out forever! Good thing it was so cold out! Anyway, I now have lots of frozen/bottled/jerkied elk meat for the year and I'm ready to do something besides cut up meat!

My sweet sister from Louisiana sent some of her bottled goods for Christmas this year and they are amazing! She likes stuff hot, so made spiced pickled green beans and two kinds of hot sauces (red from habanyeros--not sure how to spell that one--and green from jalapenos) which my husband is loving, and sent a jar of strawberry/cranberry jam for me (I'm not into hot) which is also delicious. I've requested the recipes . . . I'll share if I get around to making them :) She lives in the deep South where pepper plants still produce in January . . . you could seriously can stuff year round there! Anyway, more later, just had to let you all know I did actually finish the elk . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm into hot things, too. Love to see the recipes for her sauces.

Sounds like you won't need to buy meat for a couple of years!

Have you seen the dried SQUIRREL at http://www.internet-grocer.net/squirrel.htm ?


Kemari Nielson said...

Wow, I wish I had a single thing to contribute back! I will come to you for any self-reliance knowledge! I am so not even near to your level! I got my hair done by a Ferrron-ite last night! it was if SFork but her name was Melissa Swasey, her parents and family is all there still!

AP said...

Hey, the internet grocer link is great! Never tried squirrel but looks like a great site.

And Kemari--you are so sweet. I'm kind of crazy this way--maybe it's hereditary, I don't know, my mom's the same way. I actually started this blog to document for myself what I've done so I can remember how to do it the next time, but thought it might be useful for some friends and family also! There are a few Swaseys in town--probably all related somehow :) Fun there's one in Spanish Fork!

Mariah said...

Aw I feel so special to have my goodies featured! I will send recipes soon!

Lots of love, late happy birthday, and happy new year wishes!