Monday, January 26, 2009

More Blog Updates

Made a couple of minor changes to the blog lately, so I thought I'd give you a heads up. I've taken the direct links to old posts off the sidebar and replaced them with labels. I liked the direct links better since you could go right to the post you were interested in, but I was getting too many posts to keep adding them on without the list getting crazy long, so I've switched to the labels method instead. You can always use the "search blog" button also at the top to find something if you had a particular post you were wanting to refer back to.

I also shut the music off. It is still at the bottom of the page--you can turn it on if you like it. I did this for a couple of reasons. First I started this blog as a personal journal type blog with a couple of friends reading it, so didn't mind annoying them. :) Now I'm getting people I don't know checking the blog from various searches and links here and so I'd rather keep it "professionalish". Second, my sweet husband has left the volume on our computer up a couple of times and when I checked my blog, the music started so loud I about jumped out of my skin! Don't need that happening to someone else! :) Anyway, thought I'd give you all an update. :) Thanks for hanging around!


Melonie said...

LOL I had that happen a few times as well - but I really enjoyed your playlist. Once it happened a few times I remembered to turn my volume down before I clicked your link. ;-) (See, I can be taught! hahaha)

Did I tell you on my last visit that I am totally enamored of your new look? I am SO jealous of the gorgeous header. It's almost exactly what I wanted for TPF....I'm still on the hunt for something for that but got things a little better looking.

I'm enjoying your progress here - keep sharing. Things look great!!! It's easier to understand the changes when you explain them though! Otherwise I get the "I know something's different...but WHAT?" feeling. :-)

AP said...

Thanks for your kind words! Sharla did the header for me with some art by another friend of ours. She also made it all fit together :) Yours looks nice also--the green is so fresh and cheerful!

Sharla said...

So what, you didn't mind bugging me but you don't want to bug other people? Nice. ;) And don't look at the time that I'm commenting here. I know I'm insane.

Angela said...

No wonder you have "Sleep in Saturday"! Crazy girl!