Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attention Pay It Forward Posters

Hey, my pay it forward post got some response, however a few of those who commented left no way for me to contact them (of course I didn't think to specify that you needed to leave that with your comment!) So, if the following posters could shoot me an email with a shipping address (find my email link on my blogger profile page) that would be fantastic!

Gen-IL Homesteader

Thanks all for your willingness to play along and help others! :)


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hi! This is Gen--IL Homesteader. I tried clicking on your email link, but it takes me to Outlook 2007 Wizard. My email isn't hooked up that way, so I'm not exactly sure what to do (not very computer savvy!) Are you able to leave your email address here in a comment and then I can send my address to it through my email? (I have yahoo email.) BTW, Thank you for the 'nifty gifty'! How exciting! Gen

Angela said...

No problem Gen. My email is: bighorn at etv dot net (with no spaces--if I write it out the real way the spam bots can find it and send me even more junk email!)


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks, I'll do this now. (I was wondering why folks always spelled out their email addresses that funny way! Thanks for the explanation!) BTW, I subscribed to your posts. Looking forward to reading more of them!

Anna said...

Thank you, The Elk Jerkey is great!!!