Tuesday, March 31, 2009

700 Things

That's how much I have going on right now, hence the sparse posting . . .

The seeds I ordered have arrived, plus I dug out some real old "survival garden" non hybrid seeds from my food room and they're going in the garden this year to see how they do. I need seed starter trays and soil (really, I'm a bit behind, but not too far as we don't want to put anything like tomatoes/peppers/etc out until after Mother's Day). I'm hoping I can get those in the town 10 miles away instead of having to go to "town" 45 miles away for them since I've already been to "town" 3 times this last week and never did get them purchased and I really don't have any other plans to get up there in the near future.

Son finally had his eye dr appointment yesterday. The glasses have had to be patched up and re-shaped when he has crashed into his friends or the wall or something, but he's still able to wear them. They only have to last another week or so, so that project has been a success.

I had some plants from Gurney's and Henry Field's that died last year, so I re-ordered them and they got here today while I was on a field trip with the preschool, so I'll be getting those in the ground as soon as possible (hopefully in the morning--tonight I'm supposed to help our youth group paint some bleachers in a neighboring town).

I'm sure there's more, my brain's just fried right now and I need to get down town for T ball signups, so I'll update more when I get a minute to breathe! :)


Melonie said...

700? Sounds more like 800 to me. ;-) Hoping those glasses make it the last week.

HermitJim said...

So...what do you plan to do in your spare time?

Just kidding, just kidding! Don't hit me...

Stephanie said...

I know just what you mean!!

I guess it's the Spring Fever!

Angela said...

Melonie-there probably are 800, that extra hundred are the things I've forgotten because I didn't write them down right away!

Jim-I'd actually love to sew something or shoot something (not you)--those are my stress relievers, but alas, they will have to wait :)

Stephanie-yep. I'm thinking spring has hit--it kind of snuck up on me. One good thing was my son didn't want to play ball this year so that's one less team we'll be coaching! Maybe it won't be quite as crazy as last spring . . . and then again, maybe it will be! :)

Thanks for your comments!