Thursday, April 23, 2009


Our local farm/ranch store was supposed to get a boatload of little chicks yesterday, so I was going to pick me up a few, but when I called them in the morning, they said the shipment wasn't coming until next week--bummer! But it just so happened I had to go "over the mountain" yesterday to the big city for a doctor appointment, so I thought I'd stop by their farm/ranch store and what do you know! They had a bunch of cute little cheepers, so I picked me up a baker's dozen and brought them home--over two long hours in the bumpy Suburban with a box of chicks that did NOT stop cheeping the whole way home!Boy, were they glad to get out of the little box and into the big box that my sweet husband is graciously loaning them until they grow up and he can put his tools back in it. We made the lid from some scrap lumber that was super warpy and some cheap chinese hardware cloth that he bought for something else, but the welds on it were super weak, so now it's a chick house lid. Warpy lumber always reminds him how much better he likes to work with steel . . .Are they not the cutest things ever? They are all supposed to be black sex-link hens except for this little guy/gal with a bunch of white markings that is a straight run and was the only one left of its kind, and I thought it was cute, so he/she got to come home with us also. I just won't know for a while if he's a he or a she.

Sorry so sparse on posting lately--we've had a bunch of sickos here and I'm just now feeling it also, plus the usual house/yard work and that doctor appointment that took all day driving for a 20 minute appointment with a back specialist--I've been seriously wiped out this last week!

Also I have some really fun news for tomorrow! But it will have to wait until tomorrow . . . :)


HermitJim said...

Good looking little guys! Wish I had some and a place to keep them...

Soon, soon...!

Lisa said...

there is nothing as cute as baby chicks!! yours are adorable. Good luck!

Bitmap said...

We've had 35 chicks in cages in our kitchen for about the last two weeks. My wife is a saint and puts up with them very well.

We have them in big plastic bins from walmart with chicken wire over the top to keep them in.

Have fun with them.

Sharla said...

Aaaaw, so cute! I can't wait to see them. The boys said they were cute last night. Hope you get feeling better soon and I'm glad you didn't go stark raving mad on that trip home with those chickies! Oh, and I don't want to have to wait to know the surprise!

Jeannetta said...

Similar to Bitmap, I've had chicks in the house, yours for the last three weeks, also in a large Rubbermaid tub. We only had 15 this year, but with the NAIS poised to become active, I want to get them now before they start microchipping, and hoping that at least one is a rooster, so we can incubate our own. Keeping my fingers crossed :D
Great box your husband shared!

Anna said...

How Cute! I love chicks. I'm hoping that my hens will be hatching some chicks here soon. I've got three hens nesting at the moment. I've also go 7 muscovy ducklings in a cage in the feed shed.

It will take at least 6 months before you get any eggs, But man after you start eating farm fresh eggs, you won't ever want to go back to store bought eggs again.

Heather Justesen said...

I love chicks and I totally LOVE hatching--I just can't afford to feed everything I hatch. =)

And my poor dear husband has just about reached his limit with baby birds in the house--so it's a good thing it's getting warm enough I'll be able to put them out in the coop quickly from now on. (The first couple of years I stretched an extension cord (or three) to the coop, now I actually have power in the new coop I don't have to do that anymore. (I know, I'm spoiled, but it does make it nice when I don't get home until way past dark and still have to refill feed/water dishes, and check to make sure everyone made it in before locking up.)

They're way easier to care for in the coop too! Good luck with your babies, they sure are darlings.