Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wheat Practically Grinding Itself . . .

A little update: I have in the past ground my wheat and then taken the grinder down and put it away, but when I did the Country Living Grain Mill post, I thought I'd leave it up since I wanted to grind a few more things. Well, I keep having to stock it up with wheat because the kids keep turning the wheel when they're in the kitchen. Every time I walk by there's more flour in the bin! Even caught them letting their friends have a turn at it (yep Sharla, your boys ground my wheat also!). This is working out well . . . they're grinding all the wheat and I haven't had to make it a chore! :) You know you want one of these!

And coming soon to a blog near you: Firearms education installment 2--ammunition basics, seed starting, and my new chick house!

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Sharla said...

How fun! And I'm glad to know my boys are doing work somewhere. ;) I do wish I could get one of you have anybody getting one yet?