Thursday, June 4, 2009

Firearms Basics Part 3: Long Gun Actions

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Anonymous said...

Is that a Belgian Mauser I spy there?

Bitmap said...

Is that really a left handed flintlock or did you mirror the picture?

Angela said...

Hermit-that one's not mine unfortunately. It's listed on gunbroker as an 1891 Argentine Rifle.

Bitmap-no fancy picture editing here. Hubby shoots his flintlock lefty. :)

Bitmap said...


I'm glad those are available for lefty shooters (as opposed to lefty politicians). I didn't think it looked safe for a right handed shooter.

Bullseye said...

Great Stuff Angela, gonna have to link to ya for folks to get the scoop on fireamrs. Great Post, love your blog too.

Code Name "Bullseye"

amy said...

I love how you have a flowered blanket behind the rifle. That's awesome. :)