Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Piggies, Camping, and Albino Corn???

A quick one today to let you all know I'm still alive. I have lots to post about and no time to do it--other things on the burner first, so I'll have to do a real catch up post when I've got a little time. We've built a pig pen and remodeled a shack that used to be a rabbit hutch, then was our lamb house, and now it's a pig house. Okay, my sweet husband did most of the work on this one. The pig thing was not my idea. A friend is getting one and so are we, and we get to house them both . . . hmmmm. They're helping pay for feed and bringing garden scraps, etc., they're just an older couple and not home much, so I guess this will work out for us both, right? The pigs should be ready next week some time. We'll see how this goes.

Went to a fabulous class a friend put on about using your wheat and got some really fun ideas and recipes. I'll have to share a few of those also.

We coached our last Tball game for the season last night. The kids are so dang cute, but I'm definitely ready to be done for the year. Now I'm packing and gathering gear for a 3 day camp with the youth girls in our church. We're leaving tomorrow morning. We have about 20 going from our congregation, but we're camping with other groups so it should be quite a large camp. Hopefully I've got enough chocolate to get through it! :)

So until probably next week unless by some miracle I have time to post something Saturday, I'll leave you with this little abnormality that's growing in my corn patch. An albino Bloody Butcher Corn plant. Strange but true. He just popped up in the middle of all the green ones.

The green plants are perfectly happy and healthy and this little guy's leaves are drying on the ends. Maybe he needs a little extra water? Or some chlorophyll? We'll see how he does.


Momnerd said...

Wow, busy girl! And here you are taking my kids too! Have fun at camp!

HermitJim said...

It will be interesting to see what happens to the corn stalk! Can't ever tell!

Anonymous said...

Until fairly recently, wild hogs were a prime food source in Georgia. In fact, there's a place in my area called "hog pen gap" that was where people rounded up wild hogs for butchering. It was a communal effort.