Monday, July 20, 2009

Grinding Corn in the Country Living Mill

I had an email asking how fine the Country Living Mill could grind corn on two passes, and thought you'd be interested in the results also. I installed my corn/bean auger and ground some corn. I set it as fine as I could comfortably turn it and ran the corn through one time. At this setting, my 8 year old could turn it, but just barely. The picture shows Redmond Realsalt (table salt consistency) on the top and the ground corn on the bottom. The corn is actually finer than the salt, but you could adjust the knob to a little grittier consistency if you don’t want it quite that fine. It is a little harder turning than grinding wheat and doesn’t crank out as much flour with each turn, but I was able to grind it fine. No need to run it through the mill a second time.


HermitJim said...

Looks like that would work for me! Just about right for some fried cornbread!

Anonymous said...


This is my first forray unto your blog. I've spent the past two hours reading dozens of your posts and have learned many new things...and have been reminded of other things I've forgotten.

THANK YOU for all your hard work and your real-life posts - things we can use to learn from, improve on, etc.

I have a country grain mill - found a great deal two years ago on eBay. LOVE IT! Now planning to get extra supplies - wish I would have years ago - they've gone sky high in price....ugh.

Be blessed...and thank you for the great info and encouragement. We all need folks like you to keep us inspired and fighting to get prepped, get prepared and get self-reliant NOW!

MamaBear in the Mitten

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get by without my mill. It cost a good bit but it's been worth it. When you buy equipment you are going to have to use for a long time and rely on, it pays to get the best you can.

Dr. Dave said...

I wonder if this mill would work for grinding grain for homebrewing? I'll have to look that up.

Chef Tess said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I think you have sold me on getting one in the near future! Nothing is sweeter than home ground corn!

vlad said...

We use the two Corona corn mills to grind mesquite pods, corn and jerky, I bought a Country Living Mill but seldom use it as we eat little wheat.
No wheat grown in my part of East Texas. Perhaps I will be the village miller in the next economy and use it then to grind on shares. Bring your grain to me. You grind. I keep part of the meal.

Angela said...

Jim--Yep, that'd be good.

MamaBear--Thanks for the visit and kind words! Just trying to help lessen the learning curve for others :)

Hermit--That's our philosophy as well. We've never had much money, but try to get the best equipment we can when our lives could depend on it.

Dr Dave--I have no idea if it would--never tried it for home brewing . . .

Tess--I love the versatility of this mill. I can grind about whatever I want with it.

vlad--not a bad idea on the village miller scenario! You CAN grind more than wheat in the CL mill, you just want to get the corn/bean auger for larger grains.

Thanks all for the visit and comments!

Bullseye said...

Looks pretty fine to me. You done a "fine" job too.

Code Name "Bullseye"