Friday, September 25, 2009

A Few New Links and $10 Gift Card to Emergency Essentials!

Hey all, I'm adding a couple of new links to the sidebar for some friendly folks who contacted me about links--Look like good sites to me, so here they are:

Food Storage Depot

Off Grid Survival

And until Sept. 30th, Emergency Essentials is offering a $10 gift card to their store for putting up a button to their blog site, Preparedness Pantry, so of course I'm doing that and letting you all know about it also! Just follow the instructions on their post here to claim your $10 gift card. :)

Still working like mad with the garden/yard/etc.--I have a serious backlog of posts that will get on here eventually! And if you're not preserving something, ask around your neighborhood/town/church if anybody has any excess anything you can can/freeze/dehydrate and get busy! :)


Leasmom said...

Thank You for the info!!

TheSurvivalMom said...

What are you planting this fall? The soil in our backyard is just pathetic, but I think I'd like to plant a few different veggies, mostly for my kids to learn this practical skill.