Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Sun Oven Cooking

Last night's dinner: Ribs and rice cooked in the Sun Oven. Amazing. You need one of these. And I'm a dealer for them. Shoot me an email or use the link on the right side to order :)


HermitJim said...

Looks like the kids are ready to eat! They must really like this recipe a lot!

Have to admit, it does look good to me as well...!

marci357 said...

Will any oven safe pan work in these, or do you have to use some kind of fancy pan?

Mostly - will my cast iron work in it?

Angela said...

SunOvens recommends dark, thin walled pans with lids for best results, but any pan works. Shiny pans reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it, lowering the temperature. Cast iron will take a little longer to heat up, but will also retain the heat longer, so would work fine.

The cooking chamber will also only fit certain sizes of pans. a standard cookie sheet will be too big, but I did fit a 9x13 pan in with the long side going front to back in the oven, so maybe that gives you some reference as to the size of the chamber. Hope that helps some :)