Monday, December 28, 2009

Catch Up

Here's a quick catch up post.  It's cold.  It hasn't snowed in the last week and there's still lots of snow on the ground, but it is useless snow because it is so dry you can't pack it into a snowman or anything.  It's the kind that "crunches" because it's dry and cold.  Don't figure it's going anywhere anytime soon.

The pigs we had that I didn't write about much because sweet husband and dear son mostly headed up that project are in the freezer and quite tasty, although I think we'll try another packing plant next time because the bacon's a little salty for my liking--still good, just a bit on the salty side.  Where is Springville Meat when I need them?  What?  Two hours away?  Nevermind, I guess I'll try another local place.

The chickens have slowed on egg production quite a bit and a few more eggs broke on their way into the house from being stashed in coat pockets.  Guess an egg basket of some sort would be in order.  I actually had to go buy 2 dozen eggs a couple of weeks ago to make sure we didn't run out.  And then they do not like the snow, so son got to shovel out their entire coop (twice) so they'd get out of their house.  Funny birds.

Christmas was nice.  The kids got what they needed, but of course not everything they asked for.  A hovercraft is kind of hard to come up with.  We got a few smaller items to add to the preps and had a great time with the Stocking Stuffer Swap.  Got some good stuff there, so thanks to those who stuffed my stocking and sweet husband's.  We'll probably do it again next year.

With the new year coming up, I've been thinking a little bit on goals for the next year.  There are a few items I really want to add to my preps, so saving up for them will be on the list.  Sweet husband's job went from 5-8 hour days to 4-10 hour days and now they're requiring a full day furlough (mandatory time off without pay) this coming month.  Coincidence they did that after they switched to 10 hour days?  I think not.  Anyway, he said there's rumors that it will be a monthly thing, and that's not going to help the budget any, but it sure could be a lot worse.  I have some things I want to learn and do this next year also.  We'll see how things go.  What's on your New Year's Resolutions?  Anything you want to learn I can help with?  Let me know. :)

The kiddos are still out of school of course, so posting might continue to be sparse the next week or so.

And now the pro's and con's of a birthday on New Year's Eve:

Pro: Almost everybody is celebrating on your birthday.

Con: Places you could normally go out to eat unannounced now require a reservation.  Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, then all the restaurants are closed because it's a "holiday".

Pro: Mom got a tax deduction for a baby she only had for one day of the year.

Con: Birthday almost always falls on the same paycheck as Christmas . . .

Pro: It's difficult for people to forget your birthday since it falls on a holiday.

Con: It's cold--no pool party. :)

Hope you're all thinking of ways you can improve your preparedness and self-reliance levels in the coming year.  Now I'm off to make some dinner--the natives are getting restless. ;)


HermitJim said...

I could do without the snow still on the ground! Messy when it melts...!

Glad the stocking stuffer exchange went well! I certainly had a good time with it!

Oh NO...!! Store bought eggs? Bummer!

marci357 said...

Salty bacon/ham/hocks/etc.

Time consuming - but soak in water for 30-60 minutes, then drain and dry, before cooking.

If we over salted our brine for home curing, I'd just soak the hams/bacon etc before using them, and they were much more tasty :)

Anonymous said...

My wife teaches. The State required 4 furlough days without pay, now the school district is adding on to it. Her check has been smaller each time for the last three paydays. It does not help the budget at all, as you pointed out.

Momnerd said...

Ugh, we got a TON of snow, and it's useless to make snowmen as well. But we got some new sleds we're enjoying this year! I got some fun stuff in my stocking exchange, although I gave most of it to Eldon. lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was thinking of you just the other day and wanted to get something sent to you for your b-day but of course it's been way too insane! But just know I love ya!

Angela said...

Happy birthday. I'm curious where you got your pigs processed. My hubby got a pig this year and it's currently being processed. I'm wondering if we got the salty place. =)

Jeannetta said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!! I'll raise a glass (of non alcoholic sparkling something) to you tomorrow!