Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emergency Radio Giveaway from Campingsurvival.com

Today we have another fun giveaway sponsored by campingsurvival.com!

In an emergency, it's nice to know what's going on.  If you're stuck in your house with the power out and a blizzard raging and the power company knew they'd have power restored to your area within two days, wouldn't you want to know?  But if your power is out, how can you get news reports about your situation?  There are always choices to make during and after an emergency, and knowledge about what's going on can help tremendously in the making of those decisions.  And so today, for one lucky reader, we have an emergency radio to give away that does NOT require being plugged into a wall to work!  These radios are a fantastic addition to your emergency kit or your car kit or just to have in your preparedness stash.

Here's the specs:

This Kaito KA009R Emergency Solar Windup Radio features: 
  • AM/FM, Shortwave 1-4, TV Ch.2-13, NOAA Weather Band & Aviation Band
  • 4-Way Powered: AC Adapter (included) / DC / Solar / Hand Crank
  • 3.5 mm cell phone charger output jack with adapters compatible with all major brands cell phones
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty
Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches ; 13.9 ounces

Stay prepared and informed with the KA009R from KAITO. If the power goes out and batteries aren't available, the KA009 can function for up to an hour with only two minutes of hand cranking or an hour's exposure under direct sunlight Its built-in generator means that even in the most desperate situations, you'll still have access to local news and information--as well as to news from around the world. This radio is a newly released and improved version of Kaito's widely acclaimed emergency radio KA009, it has all the nice features that a KA009 can offer, plus it comes with six different adapters for charging cell phones, so you can use the radio to power up your cell phone to make important phone calls when the battery is out. The unit's 10-band tuning receives AM, FM, SW 1-4, TV 1/2, weather and aviation stations. AM:525 ------1700KHz; FM:88 ------108 MHz; WEATHER Band: 162.40 - 162.55 MHz; TV1:Channel 2 - 6; TV2:Channel 7- 13; Air Band (Aviation): 118 - 137 MHz; 4 Continuous short wave 4.00 to 26MHz (Covers most of the world stations). Accessories include AC/DC adapter, cell l phone charging adapters, Earphones, Soft Antenna included and User manual.

So here's the instructions to sign up for this giveaway.  You are welcome to leave a comment on this post, but it won't count toward the giveaway. :)  To enter, you'll need to fill out the form.

For your first entry, put your name and email in the form.  This is required for entry in the giveaway.  If you don't want to put your real name in the name slot, I guess that's okay, put whatever you like to be called in that space.  Signing up for this giveaway will also sign you up for campingsurvival.com's monthly email newsletter that highlights their new products, sales, etc.  Really a useful bit of information, and it's only once a month.  You email won't go anywhere else.  Promise.

Additional entries are available for the following:

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The giveaway will end on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59 pm and the winner will be contacted for their shipping information.  Good luck!


Momnerd said...

Very cool giveaway!!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway! I used to get your posts via email, but my account always messed up the words and pics to make it unreadable. So, now I just come to your blog. Thanks!