Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Business and Randomness

I have debated about putting advertising on the blog for a while and finally decided to go ahead with it.  So I've added a couple of links on the left sidebar for your shopping pleasure.  The first is for Emergency Essentials who actually wanted to put an ad on the blog, so by all means I'll encourage you to do business with them through my ad link.  But you know I've had a link to them on my blog since the beginning, and they are actually a fantastic preparedness company to do business with.  They have a couple of retail locations in Utah and also do catalog and internet sales.  Sweet husband and I have been buying things from them since they were selling out of an old warehouse looking building on State Street and have always received excellent service and quality products.  Check them out if you're in the market for some preparedness supplies.

The next new addition is a link for James Talmage Stevens' Making the Best of Basics preparedness guide.  This is a book that is worth having.  I have the fifth edition published in 1975.  The cover price is $4.95 on that one.  My how times have changed!  The new (eleventh) edition is advertised to have 250 new pages--that's probably over the tenth edition.  I'm guessing it has a lot more in it than my fifth edition does.  This is the all time best selling preparedness book on the market.  Get your hands on one.  An updated one is on my list.

In other news, a great big THANK YOU to all who have signed up on the LDS Preppers site and put me as their referrer.  You all are awesome!  The prize last week for referrals was a portable emergency toilet system and you know with our one bathroom here I've wanted something like that a few times even without a verified emergency!  If you haven't signed up yet, head on over and check them out.  They don't care if you're LDS or not as long as you'll abide by the forum rules and be polite which I know you all would be, so there's no reason not to join in a little preparedness forum fun.

In even more news, there's a HAM radio class going on every Wednesday night until the end of March for the county.  I can't make the class--I'm helping with the community theater, so I checked with the instructor, ordered the book to independent study it, and hopefully will be ready to take the test when the rest of the class does.  Anyway, the book arrived in the mail today and I'm ready to bust it out and get studying.  And no, morse code is no longer a requirement for amateur radio licensing.  So excited!

Is that all?  Surely not.  I've got the powdered milk test results figured out, but when my computer had to be reincarnated, my camera software didn't get loaded and then ended up not making it back from the computer guy's house, so I'll get that post up as soon as I can get the pictures onto the computer.  I know there are other ways to get pictures from a camera to the computer besides using the camera's software, but I like my camera software.  It is smarter than me.  So hopefully it won't take too long to get the software here and loaded so I can get the pictures and the post up.

Now I think that is all.  There's probably something else, but the natives are restless and homework needs supervised, so I'm off to fix a snack and do some schoolwork :)


Liz said...

Glad to hear you're doing so well with your blog. I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up!

Darlene said...

A few years ago I received my ham license. Last year, my son earned his. Best thing to do is to go online and take practice test after practice test. They're free. Make sure you're getting 95-100% on the tests, then you know you will pass the written test.


is a good test site. It asks the question and after you answer it tells you if you are correct. If not, it will tell you the correct answer. They have a bunch of different exams covering all of the test question pool.

Also, after you get your license, you can use Echolink - a free software program that lets you use the internet to talk to people on ham frequencies.