Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids Prep Minute: It's About Love Not Fear

The trouble is, especially with young children, they are prone to worry and anxiety if adult topics such as preparedness and the uncertain future are not presented properly.  Heck, a lot of adults are the same way.  It's a fine line, and we've messed it up before.  One time discussing leaving the house in the event of a fire one child asked about their favorite stuffed animal.  Yep, we told him it was more important to have him get out of the house than to make sure Scruffy was out.  Well, pretty soon all three were crying uncontrollably about having to leave their favorite stuffed friends behind.  It was not good.  I'm sure you can picture the scene.  It was, however, something that needed to be understood, I just think maybe we could have presented it differently so it wouldn't have been so traumatic.

It's important to help the kids understand why you are storing food, guns, and all the gear but use discretion. I have not gone into great detail with my kids about all the horrifying possibilities that could be created by a societal collapse or terrorist attack for example. Children don’t need to know all that. What they do need to know is that you love them and want to do whatever is in your power to protect them and provide for their needs no matter what happens in the future. If the reason you're preparing is presented right, they'll feel safer and more secure about the future, not more anxious.  Remember that while you’re discussing preparedness with your children.


Paladin said...

Excellent post! This is something that extends to all sorts of lessons with kids/grandkids. Especially things like being cautious around strangers and the like.

Anonymous said...

That seems a well reasoned approach to the issue. The smaller the children, the less they really need to know.

Chef Tess said...

Right on as always! Thanks for confirming something I've thought all along. Kids need to know, but they also need to feel secure. It's a very fine line.