Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kids Prep Minute: Make a Plan

The computer has been reincarnated, so I'm back.  I only have about a hundred posts to write, but the photo editing software isn't installed yet, so I guess I get to start with a non-photo intensive post.  This will be the first in a bunch of posts having to do with preparedness and self-reliance when you've got kids that I'll randomly toss out in no particular order and well mixed with other posts.  I could write this up as one long post, but it would be one LONG post and I'm not too crazy about long posts (writing them or reading them--maybe it's ADD).  Now, those of you without children living at home, don't go ignoring these Kids Prep Minute posts--many of them will be helpful for you even without little ones around.

Children are a special consideration when you are preparing for an uncertain future.  If you have children in your home, they are your responsibility, and I believe they should also be your partners in preparation.  There are many things that we as parents can do to help our kids be better prepared, and one of those is making plans with them.

Do they know what to do if the house is on fire?  What about for an earthquake?  An evacuation?  A tornado?  What if these things happen while they are at school and dad and/or mom is at work?  What is the plan?  If they know where to go, who to contact, where you will meet them, etc. it can greatly reduce their anxiety level and yours when there is a need to put those plans into action.

So here's your assignment (and mine too):  If your child is in school, find out what the school's plans are for an emergency.  Then get together with your family and make a plan or two.  Write them down if you want.  You could put copies in their backpacks.  Make sure everybody knows the plan and how to get in contact with each other.  Well, I think my minute's up.  More Kids Prep ideas in another post ;).


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I don't have young children left at home but this reminds me that we need to have a plan arranged with our 15 year old who is still at home. He'll be driving soon and we need to know where to meet, etc., in case of an emergency that finds us scattered. And also to make sure he has a backpack of gear stashed in his car.

Leasmom said...

I don't have a small child either but I need a plan too. Thanks.

Angela's Mom said...

Plans are good, especially for smaller emergencies. When your sisters were in middle school and grade school, the middle schooler walked to meet the elem schooler a couple of blocks from the elem school, then they both walked about 1/3 mile to catch the city bus to go home. One day the middle schooler got hit by a car and didn't show up at the appointed time and place. We had talked about 'what if's' and so the elem schooler knew exactly what to do and where to go and that's where I found her. I was really thankful for Plans that day.

Anonymous said...

My kids are grown and gone. They live in Jacksonville, Florida. My son is 23 and my daughter is 24. I know getting out of the city would be impossible in an emergency, access to Jacksonville is limited to two good roads. I have them set up with a bug out bag, with emergency supplies, and fortunately I know some good people down there who have agreed to take them into their group in the event of an emergency.