Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Attention Utahns! It's Precinct Caucus Night!

Be glad you didn't call me yesterday.  And I'm not just saying that because I have an obnoxious headcold that has taken my voice so you couldn't have heard me much anyway.  You can ask my mom or my sweet husband, I didn't have much good to say about the state of the nation and took the opportunity to tell them about it which I'm sure was mildly amusing considering how little my voice worked.  However, there is no going back, only forward, so on my usually un-political blog, here's a political plug.  If you live in Utah, PLEASE attend your precinct caucus meeting tonight--Tuesday March 23rd at 7:00 pm.

Let me restate that.  If you live in Utah, You WILL drop everything and attend your precinct caucus tonight.  Get a baby sitter if you must.  It's okay to take the kids with you if you have to--I've done it before--bring them a coloring book or something.  I'm skipping Young Women's--it's my civic duty.  If you've never been to a caucus, here's the skinny: Caucuses are generally harmless meetings held one night every two years where you and the people from your neighborhood vote for delegates to represent you at the county and state conventions.  The state delegates vote at the state convention for who will be on the ballot in November for US senator, governor, etc.  The county delegates will vote for the county/area positions like county commissioners and sheriff.  So make sure you know who from your party you want on the ballot this fall and go and vote for a delegate that thinks like you do.  The best way to get a delegate that thinks like you is to be the delegate, but only get yourself nominated for delegate if you are willing to follow through with your responsibilities and if you'll vote for the same people I'm voting for! ;)  If you want to know who I'm supporting for US senator and Utah 2nd District Congressional Representative, check the following websites or feel free to email me.

Senate: Mike Lee first, or Tim Bridgewater, but NOT Bob Bennett
2nd Congressional District: Morgan Philpot

If you're a registered Utah Republican or willing to register Republican, look up your caucus location here.  If you're not registered Republican, you're on your own. ;)  Now, get to your caucus meeting tonight!  I promise it won't hurt you.

P.S. Okay, here's the Utah Democrat page for information on their caucus locations. Any other party affiliation and you'll have to google it yourself.  Really it's not hard.


Kari said...
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Momnerd said...

I have been listening to the radio a lot and have been fired up about this too. I listened to Bob Lonsberry describe this process and was going to go to our caucus. Unfortunately it turned out to be the worst day possible for me. I don't have a car (the truck is in the process of being fixed), Eldon has a jazz band festival tonight, and it's Ethan's pinewood derby which we'll be lucky if we make it to and we'll have to walk. GRRR It's so frustrating to me! But I'm still trying to figure out what I can do.....