Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hooray for Spring!  Friday is the official first day of spring even if there is still snow on the ground.  I've been collecting seeds to plant in the garden this year.  I got some I collected from last year's garden I want to try out, some from Hometown Seeds, some fun varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, and a couple packets from the regular old store.  These are the Baker Creek seeds that arrived yesterday.

It's too bad the garden still looks like this:

Yep, you can almost see the planting beds.  Almost.  Since starting my own seeds last year really wasn't that hard, I'll be getting the starter plants going in the little peat pots here in the next couple of days.  Maybe sooner if my kids get their way.  We're starting the tomatoes, peppers and chichiquelite huckleberry.  Never tried that one, but I'm always up for trying something different so we're going to give it a shot.  Planting now will give the plants about two extra weeks indoors than they had last year to maybe get them a bit bigger before heading outside.  Last freeze can come here as late as Mother's Day, so not much else can get planted before that.  Any fun plans for your garden this year?


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

We don't have snow at this moment, but we're expecting some this weekend. I, too, am DONE with it!!! Trying a new heirloom tomato this year as last year's was a complete disaster! Hoping to find one that does well. That's the only 'new' thing this year other than my garden will be probably 3 times what it was last year!!!! :)

Leasmom said...

I love new seed websites! Hopefully the snow will melt soon.

marci357 said...

We had ice on the windshield again this morning.... but the peas I planted 2/23 were up 3/14 !!!!

I'm adding more raised beds around the perimeter of the yard - and mostly filling them with more edible landscaping and perennial veggies/fruits.

And I painted the decorative windmill hunter green on the base, and the top yellow and redish like a big flower spinning around :) Just for fun - the looks - but the peas and runner beans will be growing up the base!

Sinclair said...

My seedlings are a few inches tall and are wishing to be out in the garden. Still too cold to send them outdoors yet, but they are happily reaching for the sky indoors under the warming lamp. Happy planting!

Anonymous said...

I would love to do some gardening, but live in an apartment without a deck.

Thought about container gardening, but not sure what to grow. I have a nice large window that faces west,and gets great light.

If any ideas let me know, cause I am clueless at thsi point.