Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Facebook Fan Page and Other Social Stuff

As if it isn't crazy enough to have "followers."  I have had a few friend requests on facebook lately from people I don't know and my only thought was that maybe they came from this here blog.  Now, I don't want to seem snooty or uppity or whatever by ignoring the friend request, but I've tried to keep my personal facebook friends to people I would share my home address with.  That's my criteria.  I post pictures of my kids and whatnot on there and really don't need just anybody I don't know being a "friend".  So, in light of that, and just for fun, I thought I'd set up a page for the blog instead, so about two weeks ago I did just that and then didn't do anything with it.  Then I saw yesterday that I had a fan for my page.  I love you guys.  I never even promoted the facebook page--heck, I'm not even a fan of it yet.  So to make a short story even longer, I think I'll actually do something with the Adventures in Self Reliance facebook fan page.  I've got some fun ideas for the page and you're welcome to become a fan here, or click the little badgey thing a little way down the right sidebar.  I can't guarantee a lot of action on it--I only have so many hours in a day, but I'm thinking of running a few things there, plus I'll let you know when the blog is updated through the fan page and whatever else I feel like posting.  Cool?  You're also welcome to follow me on twitter if you want where you'll get really interesting tidbits of information like how well I shot at archery league and that I had brownies for breakfast.  You know, important stuff like that.  Oh, and the blog and facebook updates go to my twitter feed also.  Simple enough? :)

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