Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rotating the Car Kit and Update on the Survival Bars

A couple of weeks ago, we took a little drive up the mountain and hiked around in the snow and mud and long story short (I know that rarely happens here) we needed to use the toilet paper from the car kit.  Now, last summer we had a roll in the console AND a roll in the car kit and wouldn't you know it, this spring neither of them are there.  Luckily sweet husband had some in his day pack, so we didn't suffer, but I decided that probably wasn't the only thing missing from my kit, so it was past time to rotate and restock.  Seriously folks, this is one reason you don't just put a kit together and forget about it.

I was only missing a couple of items from my kit when I got around to sorting through it this week, but I did do some rearranging, like putting all the first aid together instead of in two different baggies, and some rotating like fresh waters.  I also checked on the homemade survival bars that are in my kit.  They've been in existence for over a year and have been riding around in the back of my car for most of that time--through the heat of summer and the freezing of winter.  Amazingly, they looked quite the same as when we made them.  Still hard as bricks.  Really, if you read the comments on the original post there are some good ideas to make them easier to eat--I'm not so sure the brick shape is the best idea.

One was still intact and the other had broken open which is actually a fine thing so I could see how the inside was doing.  Yep, just as dry and hard as the outside.

Then I wrapped them back up in the foil and put them back in the box.  We'll check on them again maybe next year. :)

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Bryce said...

Those survival bars sure look weird. How do they taste after a year?