Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Week's Preparedness Fair Update

After our little two-county preparedness fair last week, I got thinking.  There are different kinds of preparedness fairs in the world.  Some are for teaching skills, some are primarily lectures about hard times coming, some are mainly to sell stuff.  Our two county fair is lightly to get people aware of possible emergencies and what they can do about it personally and a little heavier on letting different agencies show off their trucks, equipment, facilities, etc.  Interesting.  All that aside, we did have a pretty good turnout for a little place.  Here's how it was set up.

It was held at the local High School.  Outside were a bunch of emergency vehicles, plus the local amateur radio club trailer.  They had lifeflight helicopter landing on the football field a couple of times during the four hour fair, plus outdoor demonstrations by the police dogs.

The way they get people around here to show up for a preparedness fair at all is to offer free food.  Here's the hamburger joint setting up.

They did a very good job advertising this year.  They also had signs on the auditorium letting people know what was going on when and where, so nobody had to wander around confused.

The information booth led to the stairs to get down to the auditorium floor where the "vendors" were.  Only about 4 of the vendors had anything for sale, the others were businesses like the power company, gas company, etc. letting people know how to avoid an emergency.  There were also a couple of speakers in another room that I didn't get to go listen to.  I'm sure they were fabulous.

Lots of hand outs--good thing I brought my super helper son so he could go round things up for us since I was busy at the booth the whole time.  Especially when I needed a burger. :)


Anonymous said...

That looked really nice!

Prepared America said...

Our organization was born out of an urgent need for Disaster Preparedness and Readiness. People are unintentionally unprepared for the worst. We strive to bring knowledge, training, and other resources to those in a position of prioritizing the every day basic needs instead of tomorrows self sustainability.

Movement for a Prepared America

Scott or Pam said...

Sounds like a really good time and you got the word out.

Dean said...

Cool. That's a great idea. Who organized it, someone from the counties or a group?

Angela said...

It was organized by the local Sheriff's department. Next year it will be the other county's Sheriff's dept in charge. Apparently they have some govt. money (DHS I think) to put it on.