Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mountain House for Breakfast: Breakfast Skillet Wrap Review

Remember Monday's post on our Mountain House dinner?  Well, the next morning we had freeze dried Mountain House breakfast that the sweet folks at Mountain House sent us to sample.  The kids wanted oatmeal, so we heated up water for mom and dad's Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Wrap and for the kids' oatmeal and for the dishes and washing up.  All in the same pot.

Same deal as last time.  While the water's heating, start cleaning up camp or change a diaper or get the kids' shoes on or just hang out.  Once it's boiling, tear open the easy open pouch.  The pouch is flared at the bottom to hold itself up on your table or lack thereof.

After getting the measuring water thing wrong last time, I put on my thinking cap and found something to measure with this time--one of the kids' 12 oz. Nalgene cups.  It just so happened this pouch needed 12 oz. of water, but there are enough ounce marks on the side of the Nalgene bottle to measure if I needed a different amount of water.

Add the water to the pouch and mix it all up.

Seal it with the ziplock seal at the top of the pouch and let it sit for 8-9 minutes while you get your fishing gear together and hunt down the kids at the fort they're building in the woods.  Come back and open the pouch.

This time it was the perfect consistency to spread on a tortilla, so sweet husband and I had breakfast burritos.  He added salsa, I ate mine as it came out of the pouch.  Again, I thought there was plenty of food for both of us.  I guess if you eat a whole lot, one pouch would only fill one of you, but for the average folks, one pouch is good for two servings.

I stuck the pint jar of salsa there for scale--these were not your average tortillas.  You can't even see the plate under it.  We got two servings like this out of one Mountain House Wraps pouch.

Now, just because it says to put it on a tortilla, doesn't mean you have to.  This would have been perfectly fine just on a plate with a fork or eating it right out of the pouch.  It had scrambled eggs, hash browns, pork sausage, peppers and onions in it.  Satisfying enough to head out for a day of fishing. :)

Here's the quick benefits of using Mountain House freeze dried foods:
1. You don't have to pack much in your cooler.  Just make sure you have enough water packed or a source for water.
2. They are EASY to cook.  No slicing, dicing, getting your hands covered in raw hamburger, etc.  Boil water, add water, wait, done.  Left lots of time to be doing other things.
3. They cook up pretty darn quick.  Not much waiting for your meal.
4. Not much for dishes.  Actually almost none if you eat out of the package.
5. Not much waste either.  Once the food was eaten, all we had to throw away was the package it came in.
6. You don't have to worry about them going bad by the end of the week.  Super for long term trips where the meat in the cooler (like sausage) is always iffy by the end.

Mountain House meals are available from Mountain House or from most outdoor retailers.


Apartment Prepper said...

Thanks for the review, I was wondering if they were any good. I will have to try them now. Good site.

GunRights4US said...

Don't tell my wife, but there are several Mt House meals I would prefer to eat instead of her cooking! I have eaten at least 20 different entrees, and so far only found one I didn't like. I am a BIG Mt House fan!

Dean said...

I like your reviews, especially the photos of the food before and after the water. Also, I like how you put a comparison up for the burrito size. Great job.