Monday, October 11, 2010

Dehydrating Lemons

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becky3086 said...

I have always hesitated to do citrus because I once tried oranges and they came out just tasting awful. Maybe lemons would be different. I wouldn't mind trying juicing the lemons and then canning the juice though.

Anonymous said...

I would have never thought of it!

Seems it would also work for key limes and little limes when on sale.
I usually put them in the freezer, but I'm trying to get away from freezer stuff due to winter electric problems here :)


Peggy said...

Do they come out tasting alright? I know when I tried the same thing with oranges they tasted burnt.... Do they still taste like a lemon? I just got my new dehydrator but haven't used it yet.

Jeannette said...

thanks for the post. have you tested out your dried lemons before doing a big batch? the typically don't taste too great. I tried lemons and oranges and put them in water. awful flavor. the pith makes them bitter and they taste a little cooked - it's a strange flavor. I now just do the peels.