Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Review: How to Live on Wheat 3rd Edition

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Anonymous said...

Lack of oxygen will not kill the germination ability of wheat, or any other plant. Plants "breathe" carbon dioxide (C02) and waste expel oxygen. The oxygen of our planet is created by the plants, primarily ocean plankton and algae. Depriving any plant of oxygen is almost doing it a favor.

Some people use dry ice to flush the oxygen out of their stored grains. Dry ice is C02, and also won't damage the growth germ, except the grains near enough the lump of ice as it sublimates (melts) and is freeze burned. For this reason the dry ice method is not recommended for seed grain.

Heidi said...

Thanks for the review! I'll definitely add this to my book list.

By chance, is there a wheat book you've read that's good and also includes illustrations? I also prefer to have pictures, if possible.


Angela said...

Heidi-The other wheat book I have is The Amazing Wheat Book by Learta Moulton, It has a few line drawings throughout, but not photos. It is a very good book on wheat also--a little heavier on recipes and longer than How to Live on Wheat, but it also has sections on spice mixes and things not actually related to wheat. I guess she just wanted to throw that extra stuff in the book as long as it was being published. ;)