Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby 72 Hour Kit

In case you missed Tuesday, I've got a new blog location where the posts will be posted.

Go to the new site now.

If you're one of my subscribers by feed reader and only read this blog in your reader, please go here to subscribe to the new blog location's feed instead: Subscribe to Food Storage and Survival  The Adventures in Self Reliance site will no longer be getting posts, only link overs to the posts on the new blog for a while.  Then eventually, this site won't get any updates at all--all the action will be on the other site, so you  might as well sign up now. :)  And if you do subscribe before Feb 14th, you can fill out the prize form to be entered for some really great giveaways.

Today's post on the new blog is Baby 72 Hour Survival Kits with photos and everything!  Go check it out!

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