Friday, January 30, 2009

72 Hour Emergency Kit Camp

How fun is this???

How would you actually do if you had to head to the hills with your emergency kit? A group of Utah preppers is going to find out this spring with a 72 Hour KitCamp. The basic plan is to meet at a designated parking place, hike to the first night's location and set up camp. Next day, hike to another location and set up camp again. Trick is you can only bring your 72 hour kit--nothing else!

They are also planning on having some workshops and learn/teach a few skills and will have extras of the necessities so nobody dies.

This sounds like way too much fun to me. My kit is pretty well put together, but this has gotten me thinking if I were to take my family, how would we do? I would love to find out, after all, by practice we acquire the skills we need and quickly find the weak areas we need to work on. My only concern right now is the cost of restocking my emergency kit after the trip (we're kind of in a money crunch--like usual). Oh yeah, and my husband getting the time off work to be able to go with. Oh and having some type of shelter for all of us--really do I want to sleep in my space blanket? My kids are pretty good hikers, but could we actually pack all that stuff? And what if it rained??? What would your concerns be? Or are you ready to sign up? :)


Sharla said...

Nope, not ready to sign up. But I'd love to hear about it if you go. When is our next self reliance meeting? I've been slacking!

Jayce^ said...

We'd love to have you, it's all part of the learning experience.

As for shelter, that's part of what you need to learn, and a good reason to come. We'll have at least a couple posts about shelter ideas on the cheap, as well as part of the camp itself will teach that.

Most of us have the same concerns as you, and it will be a great chance to resolve them.

Angela said...

Jayce^--I'd really love to come. I'm willing to subject myself and even my husband to craziness to learn what we can do better, and I'd even like to take the kids just for fun. More concerned about them being comfortable than me--ages 4, 7, and 9. :)

Shelter is definitely the weak link in my emergency kit. My "plan" for shelter thus far has been to stay put or build something where I end up. I can get kind of crafty with sticks and plastic sheeting--if sticks are available wherever I ended up. My fire/light/heat/clothes/food portions of the pack are all redundant--more than one option. I feel like I need a shelter plan and a backup shelter plan and a backup backup shelter plan. The camp would definitely be worth going if I can get us all to it. I'd love some ideas on shelter in the meantime!

Melonie said...

WOW - what an awesome idea! I know I wouldn't be able to hold out on what's in our kits right now. I think I'd have to attend a Pre-Camp camp. :-) I'm sure I'm missing things. It drives me crazy sometimes.

My goal is to make sure that is changed by spring though!

Lisa said...

Great Blog! What a neat idea about having a 72 Hour Emergency Kit Camp. Can't wait to hear about it!