Friday, January 30, 2009

Crazy Week

I cannot believe it is Friday already again! This week has been a bit crazy with home and mom duties. I have been gathering stuff for my emergency notebooks and almost have all the originals I need in one place. Had to order my youngest's birth certificate and got that now so I think it's just my husband's stuff we need to add to the pile. Still working on insurance policies--I figured I'd just catch them as they arrived in the mail this month and have the latest copies for my notebook (hopefully won't be needing it in the meantime!).

Did a little "self reliance" sewing yesterday and this morning for my husband. He had a heavy cotton duck (like canvas) vest with fleece lining, and the fleece had relaxed and stretched (like fleece does over time), but of course the outer material hadn't stretched with it so the bottom of the vest was flipping up and bugging him. So I cut the fleece at the bottom and reattached it (of course, like all my honeydo's this took about 3 weeks to get around to doing it and about 10 minutes to get done). Also had to adjust the waistband on all 700 pairs of his thermal bottoms (okay 8 pair) as the rise was too tall on them (think grandpa pants). So I cut the waistband off and reattached it to the thermals with a stretch stitch about 1 1/2 inches lower. This took a bit more time to get done than the vest project. Now if I can just find all those shirts he has that need a button sewn on . . . maybe I'll get around to those in a couple of weeks . . . :)

Update at 5:02 pm Just when I thought I had all the alterations done, I found another pair of his thermals in the laundry! GRRRR. Kind of like finding a dirty plate in the living room when you're finished washing dishes! Oh well. Bustin' out the sewing machine again . . .


Melonie said...

AUGH I hate when that happens. LOL In my case it's usually a sippy cup that turns up in the car when I get in the next morning. *sigh*

You sure got a lot done! Can you come to my house and do some sewing? You have a passport in that notebook, right? haha

Angela said...

Haha! I've had the sippy cup thing too! The milk ones are especially nice to find.

I wish I had a passport and some cash, I'd love a trip to Japan! Sewing is actually very therapeutic for me once I get going on it or if it's something I want to sew. :)