Monday, March 16, 2009

Save Some Cash--Cut Your Own Kids' Hair!

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Jeannetta said...

Great idea, and a must know I think for the coming breakdown of society. I used to cut my boys hair, then I got lazy :D I've never cut the girls, too too picky! lol

Becky said...

I cut my husband's and son's hair, and even my own. But now that we have a daughter, I don't know... :) She's only one, though, so I get to call the shots for at least twelve more years, right?

Olivia said...

I'm WAY too chicken to attempt cutting anything other than paper. So now that we have a son, I have a plan. I'm going to let it grow out long like a South American soccer player's. Have you seen how super cute some of those soccer players look in their long locks?

I figure he's half-Latin, so he can pull it off.

Now if only I could cut my own bangs!

Kelle said...

As a licensed cosmetologist I'd like to add, great pictorials. I've not been employed as a cosmetologist since our, now 20 yr old son was born. I do however keep my license current, one never knows when you may need to fall back on a career.

Your son, obviously, is absolutely a GREAT kid for being willing to model a haircut "How To".

Momnerd said...

I have got to learn how to cut hair so I can do Eldon's! We're fine buzzing the boys but he is always needing a haircut and I am clueless. I might need you to show me in person though, it's hard for me to learn just by reading this. Or maybe you're the friend I'll exchange stimulating conversation with? ;) By the way, missed your little cutie yesterday, hope she's not sick!

Angela said...

Jeanetta--I do my girls hair also, but they've just always had it kind of long and straight with bangs--messed up the bangs plenty of times!

Becky--Yep, I've cut my own also the last couple of times--a bit tricky, but doable if you're not too picky. And my girls are way easier than my boys to cut--just trim the length and add bangs. Pretty much all straight cuts.

Olivia--good plan! Maybe ask if you can watch in a mirror next time the hairdresser cuts your bangs so you can kind of see how she does it.

Kelle--thanks! And my boy's pretty wiggly and silly, but he managed to get through it--he's a good sport!

Momnerd--Let me know when you want a lesson--might take a few tries to get it right--he doesn't mind wearing a hat does he? ;)

Bitmap said...

I bought a Wahl haircutting kit.

I had been getting a #2 or #1 1/2 buzz for a while so I decided to do it myself. I now cut my hair and my 3 boys' hair. At $8 + tip per haircut it paid for itself quickly and we don't have to pile in the car to drive into town and then wait in line 30+ minutes at the barber.

Angela said...

Bitmap--Thanks for coming by! We inherited my husband's parents' Wahl buzzers, and I love them, but can't convince my son to let me use them on him anymore (he thinks he'll look bald). Although in the summertime, I'll buzz up the sides and hand cut the top to get it all a little shorter. Yep, totally worth the money--especially with 4 of you using them! :)

Andrea said...

Just gave my husband my first haircut. Thanks for the advice and he doesn't look to bad either.