Monday, August 17, 2009

Bottled Meat Stroganoff

Here's one of my favorite bottled meat recipes. It is so fast and easy it's almost unworthy of a post of it's own, but seeing as school doesn't start for another week and archery season is on and I'm still doing laundry from the two camping trips, an easy post is all you get ;)

Remember the bottled meat? This could be any meat--I especially like deer/venison. Elk is good also--it gets a little softer in the bottle, where the venison holds a little firmer texture. I've seen people bottle beef before also--I have to buy beef, so buying it to bottle has never appealed to me when I can get a deer or elk during the hunting season and bottle that instead. I also really like a beef roast and beef steaks, where venison roast or steaks about make my stomach turn. So, long story short, you can bottle whatever meat you want, but for me, it's an especially nice way to preserve game meat.

So here's what you need for Bottled Meat Stroganoff:
1 pint bottled meat
1 beef bullion cube
2 cups (16 oz container) sour cream (more or less to taste)
a couple heaping spoonfuls of flour
noodles of your choice--I like the wide or medium egg noodles with this dish
A cup or two of milk to thin the sauce

Step 1: Put some water on to boil for your noodles.
Step 2: Scoop the sour cream in a separate pot and mix the flour into it so it's all creamy again.
Step 3: Add the whole bottle of meat including the juice and the bullion cube to the sour cream mixture and stir it up. Kind of break up the meat chunks as you stir it. Start the heat on the meat pot. If you like mushrooms, you could add some of those to the sauce also.
Step 4: Whenever your water boils, add your noodles and cook until they're done.
Step 5: As the meat mixture cooks and thickens, add some milk to make it the consistency you want. Salt and pepper it if you want also--I don't, but I kind of like things unsalted and unpeppered.
Step 6: (no picture, sorry--I was eating) You can mix the sauce into the cooked noodles, or serve the sauce over the noodles.

Sauce and noodles are generally done about the same time--15 minutes or so.

There you have it. Quick, easy, yummy bottled meat dinner :)


Angela's Mom said...

I put a little ketchup in w/ the meat-sauce. And if I'm feeling really bold, I put a little Worchestershire sauce too. :) Many variations -all good for a quick meal.

HermitJim said...

Sounds pretty good to me! You'll have to send me a jar so I can try it...!

Fat chance, huh? Well, I tried!!

Thanks for the recipe...

marci357 said...

Thanks! I've been looking for some ideas for some turkey breast meat that I canned when it really really really went on sale and I didn't have room in the freezer. This will be a nice addition - something new - besides the sandwich spread, soups, and enchiladas :) Thanks again for the idea!

Leasmom said...

I never thought to do that. Good Ideal!!