Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Using a Wonderbox Style Insulated Cooker

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Momnerd said...

That is so cool! And it's wonderful to known that my Cooker already works! (Of course I don't mind that you used it.) Although I am even more flattered, I thought you would have made one for you too. You really are wonderful! I will try it out very soon!

HermitJim said...

Angela, thanks for the really neat post about something I think I might like to have!

Soon, fuel is going to be harder and harder to get...so anyway that we can conserve it is great!

Great post!

Get Prepared Stuff said...

For more recipes and other information on "thermal cooking" look at this blog: http://thermalcooker.wordpress.com/category/recipes-all/

Thanks for these recipes and patterns and instructions on making a wonderbox.

Chef Tess said...

Angela, I use my solar oven as an insulated cooker for those cloudy days in a similar manner, putting towels and or pillows around the pot and covering/closing the cooker. It works awesome! Great way to double use the solar cooker.

Anonymous said...

I love the post. It inspires me to use the one I made months ago. I just wonder where to find the information on the UVU Extension website though? I tried looking up insulated cooker and wonderbox cooker and couldn't find anything. Any suggestions. Love your site by the way.