Thursday, November 19, 2009

WaterBOB Emergency Water Storage Giveaway!

I thought it would be fun with the holidays approaching to do a few giveaways on the blog and help promote some self reliance/preparedness related businesses in the meantime.  So we're just going to get started right now with the first giveaway.

I've heard of people who plan to fill their bathtub with water in the event of an emergency to have more water stored.  Now, I know of people whose tubs are probably clean enough to drink out of, but not mine.  And what about debris or your dog getting into your bathtub water storage?  How much use is that water then? has graciously offered to send one of my readers one of their best selling products that addresses the water storage in the tub issue, the WaterBOB.  This is an easy to fill expanding water bladder that uses your bathtub as the support structure.  It can be filled in approximately 20 minutes (depending on waterflow in your house) and holds up to 100 gallons of water.  Constructed of heavy duty plastic that is FDA compliant for food storage, the waterBOB keeps water fresh and clean for up to 4 weeks.  It also comes with siphon pump to get the water out easily as you need it.  For more information on the product and to see the (cheesy) video that shows the WaterBOB in action, you can visit the WaterBOB website. :)

Now, of course this works best if you know the disaster is coming, like a hurricane or tropical storm.  This would be a great addition to your already stored water, and would also be useful for apartment dwellers who can't store a bunch of 55 gallon drums of water, but could fill their tub in an emergency . . .  And I sure could have used some extra water storage when we had to have our water main replaced a couple of years ago--I knew we would have the water turned off, but it took a day and a half longer than I had anticipated to get the job done and the water back on!  And I also know people in hurricane country that could use a Christmas gift!

So here's the instructions to sign up for this giveaway.  You are welcome to leave a comment on this post, but it won't count toward the giveaway. :)  To enter, you'll need to fill out the form.

For your first entry, put your name and email in the form.  This is required for entry in the giveaway.  If you don't want to put your real name in the name slot, I guess that's okay, put whatever you like to be called in that space.  Signing up for this giveaway will also sign you up for's monthly email newsletter that highlights their new products, sales, etc.  Really a useful bit of information, and it's only once a month.  You email won't go anywhere else.  Promise.

Additional entries are available for the following:

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The giveaway will end on Friday, December 4th at 11:59 pm and the winner will be contacted by for their shipping information.  Good luck!


Jenn said...

What an awesome product. I live in FL and we fill our tubs everytime we have a hurricane watch, but this would make the water drinkable too!!!

Your Impact Matters said...

I can't imaging drinking the water out of my tub after my teenage son bathes...yuck! What a great product!!