Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Our New Advertiser: EDC Depot

What kind of gear do you have with you every day?  EDC stands for "Every Day Carry", and EDC Depot is full of survival items you could carry with you every day.  They specialize in those items that are carry size, including knives, multi-purpose tools, water purification, flashlights, first aid, and the Maxpedition bags to carry it all (in case you don't want to put it in your pocket or purse).  Plus they offer a free gift with every purchase, how fun is that?  And if you use the promo code on the ad, you'll also get 5% off!  So when you're looking to stock up on those items you want to have with you regularly, check out EDC Depot.  And let them know I sent you. :)

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