Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome Our New Advertiser: Ready Made Resources, Plus a Sale!

Here's a big welcome to our newest advertiser--Ready Made Resources.  They have worked with us here on giveaways in the past and have some fantastic gear and the knowledge to go with it, so if you've got any questions on the products they sell, the folks at Ready Made Resources should be able to help you out.

And it just so happens that right now they're having their last sale of the year on Mountain House foods.  They have them available in the #10 cans which are great for storing or feeding just you or your whole family and they're on sale for 25% off regular prices.  PLUS they're offering free shipping on full cases.  A case is 6 cans mix or match, so any increment of 6 cans (6, 12, 18, 24, etc.) gets you free shipping!  Great savings here and Mountain House is my favorite brand of freeze dried meals for flavor.  So, since National Preparedness month is starting tomorrow, you might just as well get some preparing done and get yourself some quick and easy meals in a can with 25% off and free shipping on cases!  Be sure to let them know Angela sent you. :)

And speaking of National Preparedness Month, we've got some fun things planned so stay tuned!

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