Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 Special Survival and Preparedness Situations

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Terry L Blackmore said...

Hi Angela
You have written an important and timely posting. When it comes to being prepared in my family group, there is only myself and my son who take this seriously. This means that we have to consider needs ranging from several newborns, diabetics, several with hypertension and my 90 year old father. It is a huge responsibility and I admit we dont have all the answers yet regarding needed medications.
Keep up the good work.

Mark said...

Great post. There are a lot of folks that store a ton of food without regard to their normal eating habits. We have vowed to store only what we eat, and so for, it has worked well for us from a dietary standpoint, as well as from a financial one. At the end of the day, it only makes sense. Storing stuff you've never eaten seems strange to me.

There is a whole new world associated with kids - be they babies or toddlers. We're very familiar with both at the moment! Not so familiar with older folks, but it is a good point that I'd not considered before.



Anonymous said...

Good tips!!!

firstSTREET said...

Nice concise post with great preparedness tips. Certainly these things are important to think about before hand so you can be ready. Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

My elderly mother once made a comment that no special care should be made for her if disaster struck, since she was old and useless. (She fears we will risk our lives to go get her, or care for her.)
I had to point out to her that she was useful. She was raised on a self-reliant farm and was a teen during the depression. She knows things her city-bred children and grandchildren haven't a clue on. She knows how to make candles and trim a lantern. She knows how to harness a horse and gather wild yeast.
She's very old now and when she's gone so much knowledge and experience will go with her. Just an example how important every member of your family is. Everyone needs to consider everyone.

tim Ralston said...

When it comes to emergency preparedness, most people I talk to think that nothing will ever happen to them- I constantly hear “why should I bother". In today’s world it sounds crazy to talk about storing food. Why bother when restaurants, convenient stores and grocery stores are open 24 hours a day, 7days a week? We have grown up in the age of consumerism and take for granted there will always be food on the shelves. Well, what if there is a national emergency? Or if the unions repeat what happened in France - and stop delivery trucks in protest. What if our government keeps spending and hyper inflation occurs? Just look what happened in Boston! Why not be prepared just in case? It drives me NUTS when people have their heads in the sand!! But I know I am not nuts.
As a father of 3 small children, I have always tried to protect and provide for all their immediate and future necessities. I could not come home and tell my kids there was no food on the shelves. Now, I can sleep in peace having purchased years of emergency food! I love having the peace of mind, the feeling of being empowered-- that my family and I are covered with the necessary emergency food, and survival supplies for the next 20 years at TODAY'S prices for what ever comes our way. For more information, go to blog For other survival products go to