Monday, November 8, 2010

A Trip to the Range with the Kids

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see good parental instructions and involvement - and all the safety issues covered.

My kids started out very young with it all also :)

No range - but lots of woods and abandoned quarries here.


Bitmap said...

Good for you and the kids taking them out to learn important skills.

As far as snacks go make sure you have a method to wash your hands before you eat after you've been shooting. Especially .22LR or muzzle loaders using lead bullets.

Muzzle loaders with jacketed bullets in sabots or jacketed bullets in rifles and handguns aren't as bad but they generally still put out some lead unless the bullets are completely copper plated. FMJ bullets usually have lead exposed at the base.

I think the dangers of lead may be exaggerated but it is still not something to mess around with when you can easily avoid any possibility of danger.

If the range doesn't have proper facilities then bring your own. We take an old liquid soap bottle like Palm Olive with the squirt top and when it is down to about 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch of soap left in the bottom we fill it up to the top with water and mix it up. When you need to wash your hands you put some of this diluted mixture on your hands and rub them, then rinse with fresh water from another jug. A surgeon also recommended this method to my dad for cleaning any cuts when you are somewhere without proper running water.


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