Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Heads are Better than One

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Heidi said...

Oh my goodness, I've been using a tea towel to hold in place, badly I might add. Will have to ask my husband if we've got some old tire in the garage. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

Another thing that will work and can be thrown in the Dishwasher is one of those rubber grippers for opening up jar lids with.... They are usually round, with little gripper dots or lines on them.

Because they are meant to hold on tight to a stubborn jar lid while you turn on it, they do NOT move!


Anonymous said...

My dearly beloved husband is NOT into prepping. He thinks I'm a certified nut case. He grumbles about costs, grumbles about the crowded pantry, and grumbles about running the printer ink dry downloading information.
But he helps carry 50# bags of corn, helps pour 25# bags of sugar, stacks wood, and carries heavy buckets for me every time. He made room in the garage for hundreds of canning jars without my even mentioning, and eats my experimental food storage meals with good grace.
He doesn't agree one ounce of it is needed, but he loves me, and lets me do it.

Flattail Family said...

I find it so funny that you, being married to a Macgyver, didn't ask his opinion sooner. After our first summer of bear trapping, I knew that your sweet husband was capable of fixing (nearly) everything. My sweet husband got tired of me saying, "W would know how to fix that" whenever anything would malfunction or break...

Our ward has a provident living committee and it's great to share ideas with one another. We certainly love all the suggestions you post here.